Most of you will recognize Pati Zieverink as our always- sweet (and sometimes a bit sassy) front desk associate. But there’s a good chance you wouldn’t recognize Pati if you ran into her in 2011. Morbidly obese at the time, Pati became serious and determined to lose weight after many failed attempts. She joined Valhalla in 2012 after she hit a plateau with Weight Watchers, started working with a trainer, and has been here ever since, first as a member, then as a part of our staff. It’s her tremendous determination and successful — and lasting — transformation that has made her our next “Who Inspires You?” Valhalla member.


Pati, how long have you been a member at Valhalla?

I joined the gym in 2012 and started working here in 2014 to hold myself accountable since I wasn’t working with a trainer on a regular basis — and the extra money certainly didn’t hurt!

At the gym, where would we find you?

I am either lifting weights or climbing the stairmill. I also like the Arc trainers for cardio.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of the gym:

I work full-time for Customers Bank, where I am an assistant facilities manager overseeing 30 locations. I also organize and manage the United Way campaign for the bank. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and can often be found volunteering my spare time to local non-profits.

What’s your favorite thing about coming to Valhalla?

I love that everyone is so welcoming. I’ve been to many different gyms ranging in size, and there’s just something truly special about Valhalla.

Can you tell me how you achieved such dramatic weight loss and how Valhalla played a role in that?

I joined Weight Watchers as a morbidly obese 32 year old. I was reluctant at first because of previous failed attempts, but this time I was mentally prepared. I was able to lose a lot of weight without exercising, but in early 2012 I hit a plateau, and that’s when I joined Valhalla. I started working with a trainer and found myself losing weight once again. I lost a total of 150 pounds, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Valhalla. Here, I’m inspired, I’m encouraged, and I’m pushed to keep moving forward. I’ve even tried a class from time-to-time — something I would have never dreamed of before.

Pati was nominated by Jen Breton, Valhalla’s Marketing Director.

Jen, tell me why Pati inspires you?

Pati and I became friends at the gym first, and on Facebook second. I never knew her as being obese, but my jaw dropped when I saw her “before” picture one day on Facebook. Clearly, a person who has the drive and determination to change her life as much as Pati has deserves not only my recognition, but also Valhalla’s recognition as well. I am proud of what she and her trainer helped her accomplish without surgery and while adhering to a sensible and do-able diet. She clearly demonstrates that persistence, patience and determination can change not only change your body, but your life and your health, too.

Does someone at Valhalla inspire you? We’d love to hear from you! Please send your nomination to Jen Breton by email at or by calling her at 610-223-9700. We look forward to hearing from you!