We believe the key to success in fitness is all about feeling strong and healthy. But too many times, we’ve seen motivated members lose sight of their health and wellness goals due to injury and discomfort at the gym, forcing them to stay home or back off on the exercises that give them the results they want. At Valhalla, we’re attempting to change that paradigm by bringing you a one-stop destination for your body’s health and wellness to keep you motivated to reach and sustain your fitness goals, and to keep your body healthy and strong for everyday activity and exercise.

Our facility is pleased to offer physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy. These departments complement their work with our gym floor, offering members and non-members alike the education to learn how to keep their bodies injury- and pain-free long after treatment has ended. We are more than just a gym: We are an integrative wellness facility offering motivating solutions for pain-free living while building strong, fit and healthy bodies.