Chiropractic care that isn’t centered around your aches and pains, but instead around your quality of life.

Dr. Tristan Smith’s passion and motivation for practicing chiropractic care are highly personal. As a young child, he watched his mother constantly suffer from lower back pain. “Sadly, her pain didn’t just affect her. My entire family’s quality of life was compromised because of it,” he says. When she discovered a good chiropractor who was able to treat her successfully, Dr. Smith says that it was like his family had discovered a hidden treasure. “Pain like hers can be very easy to treat once you find a good doctor. It’s very rewarding that I’m now able to provide the same sort of help, care and relief to others so that they can avoid the struggles an injury to the spine can have on their personal lives, as well as their families.” 

Dr. Smith’s evaluation begins with learning about your pain and how it affects your everyday life. He then sets to work on manipulating the joints to reduce pressure, inflammation and to improve nerve function. His care also seeks to help patients understand where their pain comes from and why it occurs, including poor posture, overuse/underuse of a joint, muscle imbalance, etc. Patients find Dr. Smith’s care helps them find relief from headaches, disc injuries, sciatica and many other ailments.

Our chiropractic care is available to both Valhalla members and non-members. We accept most insurances as well as cash, check, major credit cards and health savings accounts. We also accept auto or workers’ compensation. Please call to verify if your insurance or compensation plan will cover our care, and what co-pays you might be responsible for before your first appointment.

Tristan Smith, D.C., is a chiropractor doctor specializing in sport injury prevention. A Berks County native, he has been practicing since 2015 in the Reading area. Dr. Smith is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, and his post-graduate studies include advanced training in MRI, spinal biomechanics and auto and personal injury case management. For more information on Dr. Smith, please click here.

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