Your car needs to be repaired every so often. So does your body.

While some seek massage as simply a way to relax, our massage therapist, Anthony Kocur, views it as essential and necessary maintenance for the body. “It’s kind of like getting an oil change for your car,” he says. For those who are dealing with injuries or overuse of their bodies, massage has been proven to do more than just make you feel good or relax. “Massage is absolutely therapeutic for more than just the mind,” he says. Focusing on medical massage techniques, Anthony’s work stimulates fresh blood and lymphatic fluid flow to the muscles while relieving tension and soreness to promote flexibility and recovery. This, he says, is crucial to give the body the ability to recover and repair itself, allowing each person — whether it’s an aspiring athlete or someone who participates in occasional exercise — the ability to perform at his or her best. At Valhalla, Anthony’s work is performed in the therapy area on our gym floor and focuses on three massage styles: sports, medical and deep tissue. Each massage targets the different needs of our clients after a careful and thorough assessment and intake by Anthony. Therapy is available to both Valhalla members and non-members, with rates starting as low as $35 for a half hour.  

Anthony Kocur is a licensed massage therapist, practicing since 2009. Besides sports, medical and deep-tissue massage, he also performs reflexology and reiki. Anthony is also a yoga instructor at Valhalla, as well as an author.

Anthony is available for massage appointments at Valhalla on Wednesdays from 12-4, and Mondays from 3-5. Please book your massage appointment with him online. Or, to book our Half & Half Chiropractic and Massage appointment, please click here. Our front desk staff is also happy to assist you with scheduling your appointment. Please stop by or call 610-779-6006.